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  • New African Business | French Edition October 2018

  • ISBN abf59_relay
  • With its own original content dealing with French speaking Africa, African Business, le magazine des dirigeants Africains is a must-read for all business leaders around the globe seeking thoughtful commentary on and more in- depth understanding of business issues in the French speaking continent.


    ABOUT IC Publications:

    Established over 50 years ago, IC Publications has extensive experience in publishing magazines, newsletters, country supplements, industry reports and market intelligence on Africa. With a vastly knowledgeable and well connected editorial team, you are guaranteed one of the most insightful commentary and analysis from this dynamic and extraordinary region. In addition, their specialist contributors from around Africa ensure the special monthly reports are the definitive analysis of the latest business and economic developments.

    Their award winning Pan-African publications include New African, African Business, African Banker, New African Woman, Le Magazine de l'Afrique and Femme Africaine and is ideal if you are looking for up-to-date expert information on issues affecting Africa today.