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A Conversation on Flora Nwapa

​  Flora Nwapa (13 January 1931- 16 October 1993) was born and brought up at Oguta in eastern Nigeria. ​ The forerunner to a generation of African women writers, she is acknowledged as the first African woman novelist to be published in the English language in Britain and achieve international recognition with her first novel Efuru being published in 1966 by Heinemann Educational Books. She has written several other books including Idu, Never Again, Nwamife, One Is Enough, Women are Different.  She also penned short stories and poems namely This Is Lagos and Other Stories,  Cassava Song and Rice Song,  Wives at War and Other Stories as well as numerous Children's books.  Flora Nwapa worked as a publisher of African literature and promoted women in African society. She was also one of the first African women publishers when she founded Tana Press in the 1970s.  Enjoy listening to an engaging discussion on this remarkable woman.  




A Conversation with Ifeoma Okoye

Ifeoma Okoye is an award-winning Nigerian author of numerous publications including six novels, four short stories and seven childrens books. Her novel, ‘Behind the Clouds’ was selected by Spectrum Books as one of the best 25 Nigerian books written over the past 25 years. Her novel, ‘Men Without Ears’ won the Association of Nigerian Authors Best Fiction of the Year Award. Her latest novel, The Fourth World recently was shortlisted for the NNLG prize for Nigerian literature. Ifeoma Okoye has a BA in English from the University of Nigeria in Nsukka and a Msc in English from Aston University in Birmingham. Listen in on a very intimate conversation with Mrs Okoye.