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  • This is not a Flowerpot

  • By Schoeman, Amy
  • Pages 274
  • ISBN 9789991688978
  • In This is not a flowerpot, author Amy Schoeman ñ with keen observation and an enduring sense of irony ñ chronicles Lizelleís journey from being a woman with no clear idea of what she wants to one who chooses personal freedom and control over her life. Sometimes shocking, often funny, this wry account of an imprudent marriage is abidingly entertaining. Above all it carries the torch for the abused woman.

    About the Author:
    Amy Schoeman was born in England and educated in Namibia and South Africa, where she obtained a B Comm (Law) degree at the University of Stellenbosch. After spending several years in Europe, she settled in Windhoek, working as a journalist/photographer at the Namibian Department of Nature Conservation for eight years, then as a free-lance writer, photographer and editor at Venture Publications in Windhoek, since 2004 on a full-time basis.