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  • Mama Namibia

  • By Serebrov, Mari
  • Pages 350
  • ISBN 9789991688954
  • Surviving on her own in the desert, 12-year-old Jahohora searches for her family while hiding from the German soldiers. Itís 1904, and Germany has claimed all of South West Africa. Since the Herero would rather fight than surrender their ancestral homes, Gen. von Trotha has declared that they all should be forced into the Omaheke to die. Wasting away in the desert, Jahohora is about to give up her desperate struggle for life when she finds hope in a simple act of kindness from a Jewish doctor serving in the German army.

    About the Author:
    As a storyteller, Mari Serebrov combines the investigative and writing skills of a journalist with her passion for history. While she has authored and contributed to a number of books, Mama Namibia is her first novel. The story stems from a “chance” encounter that led to her being officially adopted into the Herero tribe in Namibia. As a result of her research for Mama Namibia, Mari was appointed by Paramount Chief Kuaima Riruako as an adviser to the Genocide Commission for the Herero Traditional Authority. With master’s degrees in journalism and history from the University of Arkansas, Mari has worn a number of hats throughout her career, including that of a journalism professor, newspaper editor, radio newscaster, TV assignment editor, and public relations consultant. Her more recent work includes The Life and Times of W.H. Arnold of Arkansas: Reconstructing the Southern Ideal and contributions to The Grandmother’s Bible. In addition to her own writing, Mari is mentoring young African refugees who want to tell their personal stories of finding hope in the shadow of modern-day genocides.