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  • The Glory of African Kings and Queens

  • By Pusch Commey
  • Pages 64
  • ISBN 9780987034731
  • Description:

    The glory of African Kings and Queens is adapted from Volume one of 100 Great African Kings and Queens. This amazing journey through the sands of time opens a rich African world to a younger age group and celebrates with them a shared humanity without borders.


    About the Author:

    Pusch Commey is a Johannesburg based award winning Writer, Lawyer by accident, Poet, Teacher, Comedian, and freelance journalist. In-between lawyering, he has found the time to write 10 wide-ranging books, as well as write many riveting articles for the London based New African Magazine. His books, some for children, captures extraordinary African stories and history, including the highly sought-after Volume One of 100 Great African kings and Queens.