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  • Dante International

  • By Kasanda, Sharon
  • Pages 256
  • ISBN 9789991688985
  • A serial killer is on the loose in Windhoek. A police officer follows his intuition to arrest a prime suspect. What if he has it wrong?

    About the Author:
    Sharon fell in love with writing at the age of 15 when she realised that it was the perfect medium for expressing herself. She has always had a passion for crime and thriller stories. Growing up, she read books geared more towards this genre than any other, and this led to her being inspired to write stories that grip the reader until the very end, and that keeps them guessing at the sudden twists and turns as the plot develops. Her first published novel, Dante International, is no exception. Packed with suspense, this edge-of-your-seat thriller has made it through the first round of the Commonwealth Book Prize 2013. With an MBA, a degree in Business Administration and vast experience in various disciplines under her belt, Sharon Kasanda is a well rounded individual. Besides having experience in sales and marketing techniques, operations support, assisting in global conference organisation, NGO development work, she has worked in the freelance world as a business writer, and has also written for the worldwide magazine Suite 101.  Sharon has worked both in Namibia and in the United Kingdom, and has built on these experiences to add to the expertise in hr fields. A flexible and dynamic individual, Sharon is the perfect embodiment of meeting ones potential in an ever changing environment.